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Adam Phillips (Divs, 2012)

Adam Phillips

"I don't think boys on assisted places come across as different to the rest of the pupils at KES, nor are they treated differently. However, I think they have an even greater sense of being proud of where they are and are therefore stood in good stead for making the very best of what they have been given."

Stephen Thatcher (2012)

Stephen Thatcher

"Over the past six years this unique establishment with its mix of inspirational teachers and motivated, interested and engaged pupils has had a profound effect upon me as an individual. The 'King Edward's experience' is one that I would not change for anything and that, whilst I look forward to university with excited apprehension, I wish could last longer."

Rajiv Gogna (2010)

Rajiv Gogna

"I think King Edward's has been a real turning point for me.  Without the education I received I would not be in the strong position I am now.  I am so proud and so grateful that I was able to come here.  My Assisted Place has made all this possible."

Mike Hoffman (2010)

Mike Hoffman

"I have had such an amazing range of experiences at King Edward's from snow-shoeing in the Pyrenees to learning to play the guitar and I could never have had these opportunities without my Assisted Place.  I owe so much to the donors who have helped to fund my place here." 

Ishmail Akram (2009)

Ishmail Akram

"Having an Assisted Place at King Edward's gave me so many opportunities not only when I was here - playing on the wing for the 1st XV, running for the athletics team and being School Captain - but also after leaving as I think my place at Cambridge now is also largely thanks to my place at King Edward's."