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Only one month left to double your donation

06 November 2015

There is just one month left to take advantage of the Tolkien Match and double your donation towards the Assisted Places 100 (AP100) Campaign.

JRR Tolkien, who left King Edward's in 1911, was himself only at the School because of the financial support he received. Just over 100 years on The Tolkien Trust have kindly donated matched funding of up to £500,000 to help us complete the AP100 Campaign and ensure that future generations of pupils are able to enjoy the same education that Tolkien did, whatever their financial circumstances.

Since the Match launched in July 2015 we have received £400,000 in donations, meaning we only need to raise a further £100,000 during November to access the maximum amount of matched funding available. Not only does the Tolkien Match double your donation but, when Gift Aid is taken into account, the value of your donation is increased even further.

The Tolkien Match will end on Giving Tuesday on Tuesday 1st December 2015. Find out more about the Tolkien Match and make a donation.