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Thank you - one thousand times

10 January 2014

At the end of December the Trust was pleased to receive a gift from its 1,000th donor, John Mountford (1949). This was John's first gift and, as it happens, it was a donation for £1,000.

John has spent a lifetime in language education having attended Wadham College, Oxford (Classics) and the University of Edinburgh (Applied Linguistics) before working in teacher training in Southampton. On being the 1,000th donor, John said: "Happy coincidence! Roll on the next 1,000 donations! Broaden the intake!"

Both the Trust and the School are indebted to John and the other 999 donors who have supported so far. Their donations have raised £7.5 million including £5 million for Assisted Places and as a result there are currently 53 boys in the school receiving financial support who would otherwise not be here. These gifts have made an enormous difference, not just to the boys who benefit, but also to the school as a whole.