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What is the King Edward's School Birmingham Trust's registered charity number?

The Trust's registered charity number is 1129776.

How do I make a gift to the Assisted Places Fund?

If you are interested in making a regular monthly Direct Debit gift, please click here.  Alternatively, click here to make a single gift. Information about other forms of giving is available here.

Who shall I make my gift payable to?

All gifts for the benefit of King Edward's School should be made to the King Edward's School Birmingham Trust.  This separate charitable Trust was set up in 2009 to ensure that all support for the school would be held in a separate fund administered by a number of Trustees who are all Old Edwardians.

How will my data be used?

All data will be held securely by the Governors of the Schools of King Edward the Sixth in Birmingham through King Edward's School, Birmingham on behalf of The King Edward's School Birmingham Trust and will be treated confidentially.  Please click here to read our full data protection statement.

Will my gift be made public?

All gifts to the Trust are valuable and we like to ensure your generosity is recognised.  Unless you request anonymity, all donors will be recognised in our donor list, which can be found here.  Donors will also be listed in the Insight Gazette, which is sent to Old Edwardians every summer, and receive special donor communications and invitations to certain school events.

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