King Edward's School Home


Ian Metcalfe (1976)

"I was fortunate enough to benefit from the Direct Grant system when I was at King Edward's and the education I received gave me a great start in life. I am very keen to make sure that those boys who need support get it so they can benefit from the same opportunity that I received."


Richard Brookes (1994)

"Put simply, without my Assisted Place I would not have been able to come to the school and I think it is vital this support continues for boys that need it. I currently give a relatively small amount but I think it is important to realise that if lots of people give then we can fund places together."


David Corney (1957) 

"I was born and bred in Birmingham and have kept very strong ties with the school ever since I left in 1957. I have always been very proud of the important role the school plays in educating boys from the city to a high standard and I feel it is important that this is preserved for all boys, whatever their background."