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The Claughton Scholarship

The Claughton Scholarship has been launched to mark the impact that John Claughton has had on the school since he became Chief Master in 2006.

The Scholarship will be awarded to the Assisted Place pupil who finishes highest in the entrance exam each year, honouring John’s commitment to both academia and social mobility. So far we have raised £250,000 towards the scholarship from key donors and current parents and we are hoping more parents whose sons have benefitted from John’s time as Chief Master will support over the months ahead.

The money for the Claughton Scholarship will go towards the AP100 Campaign, which is aiming to raise £10 million to fund 100 Assisted Places by summer 2016. Over 1,300 parents, alumni and other supporters have already donated more than £9.9 million to the Campaign so we are closing in on the target.

Click here to make a gift and support the Claughton Scholarship and the AP100 Campaign.